Facebook’s Messenger is moving to use encryption as a default to better protect its user base in coming months ahead.

Facebook Expands Messenger’s Default End-to-End Encryption to More Users | PCMag

Facebook’s long-standing goal of making end-to-end encryption the default for all users on Messenger is moving closer to reality.  “Over the next few months, more people will continue to see some of their chats gradually being upgraded with an extra layer of protection provided by end-to-end encryption,” Melissa Miranda, a Meta product manager, wrote in a blog post(Opens in a new window) on Monday. “We will notify people in these individual chat threads as they are upgraded.”   That’s good news for anyone looking for greater privacy on the Messenger app. End-to-end encryption means that no one—not even Facebook— can decrypt chats sent on the app. Instead, only enrolled devices that contain the required encryption keys will be able to access the chats, along with the message recipient.

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