This paper introduces SPOT, a Secure and Privacy-preserving prOximity based
protocol for e-healthcare systems. It relies on a distributed proxy-based
approach to preserve users’ privacy and a semi-trusted computing server to
ensure data consistency and integrity. The proposed protocol ensures a balance
between security, privacy and scalability. As far as we know, in terms of
security, SPOT is the first one to prevent malicious users from colluding and
generating false positives. In terms of privacy, SPOT supports both anonymity
of users being in proximity of infected people and unlinkability of contact
information issued by the same user. A concrete construction based on
structure-preserving signatures and NIWI proofs is proposed and a detailed
security and privacy analysis proves that SPOT is secure under standard
assumptions. In terms of scalability, SPOT’s procedures and algorithms are
implemented to show its efficiency and practical usability with acceptable
computation and communication overhead.

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