Nitrokod Malware has infected tens of thousands of computers with crypto mining software. Surprisingly, Nitrokod transmits this virus using unauthorized desktop versions of famous web applications, such as Google Translate.

It’s been noticed how the malware has already caused damage in 11 different countries after being found guilty of providing cryptocurrency mining malware.

In a report on Sunday, the firm said Nitrokod initially masks itself as the free software but has found remarkable success at the top of Google search results for “Google Translate desktop download.”

Furthermore, when this crypto miner is installed on your computer, all traces of phishing are removed. In addition, the malicious file’s location is included on Windows Defender’s whitelist. This might take months, but ultimately, hackers will use your system’s resources to mine cryptocurrencies.

Along with Google Translate, other software leveraged by Nitrokod includes other translation applications – including Microsoft Translator Desktop – and MP3 downloader programs. On some sites, the malicious applications will boast about being “100% clean,” though they are loaded with mining malware.

The list of countries with victims includes the U.K., the U.S., Sri Lanka, Greece, Israel, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Australia, Mongolia, and Poland.

Nitrokod’s offerings top Google’s search rankings. The webpage acts as the ultimate trap for users looking for a specific tool.

Well, it has the capability to damage hardware by overheating and stressing your device, including the CPU. In addition to that, these malware droppers have the capability of swapping the last payload with something more dangerous.

We recommend avoiding third-party versions of common web services. And if an app is labeled as “100% clean” or has any other questionable language, then completely leave it. Those impacted by this malware should delete any linked software.

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