This cold Winter’s Monday morning, we woke to problems accessing our server and websites. The usual turnitoffandonagain approach let us down … and this time so has downforeveryoneorjustme dotcom:

It’s ironic that a web service purely designed to tell us if a website is working is, itself, at least partially unresponsive – a broken control. It doesn’t even say what or where the problem might be, remaining stubbornly stuck at “Checking server. Please wait …”

Ping and tracert indicate the server is still sitting pretty on its Internet perch, so my guess is something bizarre going on with the webserver, possibly an attack in progress but more likely a simple config problem somewhere along the long, long chain of links and systems between us and the server, maybe even the DNS.

This is embarrssing given my professional interests, a bad start to the week but our incident management team is on the case, tooling-up as I speak.

So what can I say? Normal service will be resumed at some point, as soon as the office thaws and we have consumed a sufficiency of coffee to figure out what’s going on and either fix it or get it fixed, that is. 

Meanwhile, I apologise for the inconvenience, and I’m grateful for the ability to send you this message through Blogger, a Google service that – for now at least – is still working. Good on yer, Google!

By admin