How Amazon Will Fight That First Successful Unionization Vote
Leaders of the successful unionization drive at Amazon’s warehouse in Staten Island have heard from workers at 100 other Amazon facilities in all 50 states, the union’s president told AFP. “We are witnessing a revolution,” he added Friday.

But meanwhile, “Amazon tipped its hand” this week on how it plans to try to defeat that vote, reports the Washington Post. Specifically, yesterday Amazon filed a list of 25 objections to the election with America’s National Labor Relations Board — objecting mostly to the actions of the National Labor Relations Board:

The company alleged that the regional office of the agency, based in Brooklyn, “created the impression” it was supporting the union by filing a lawsuit against Amazon before the vote. Amazon also alleged the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) delayed investigating “unmeritorious” unfair labor practice charges and understaffed the election. Amazon also alleges the independent Amazon Labor Union harassed employees who did not support the union, trespassed on Amazon’s property and “misled employees by telling them that they would lose their benefits if they did not support the ALU,” among other issues….

Labor lawyers say the company, which strongly opposed unionization, could try to delay the process of workers forming a union for years. “Amazon probably figures it has nothing to lose by exhausting every possible appeals process because time is on its side,” said John Logan, chair of the labor and employment studies department at San Francisco State University…. A representative for the Amazon Labor Union said none of Amazon’s objections had merit and called them a tactic to delay the union. “It’s a blatant attempt by Amazon to interfere with and go around the democratic choice of their workforce,” Amazon worker and labor organizer Connor Spence said….

The NLRB will need to certify the vote before the union can try to bargain a contract with Amazon. The objections could delay or even cancel that process, depending on what the NLRB decides. Amazon has many avenues to fight the vote results, including by refusing to bargain and forcing regulators to get involved.

The president of the Amazon warehouse’s reminded AFP what happened after two Starbucks cafes in upstate New York voted to union in December.

More than 180 more Starbucks cafes launched unionization campaigns, and “On Friday, three more Starbucks cafes in upstate New York voted to unionize, taking the national total to 16.”

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