I entered google and Kaspersky adviced me that I was being spied through my webcam so I blocked it to all the apps. Then I noticed that every time i want to enter to my gmail the notification of the webcam appears but if I don’t go to the gmail it doesn’t appear. I did a scan and everything was fine but I don’t understand why this is happening only when I want to enter to the gmail. I don’t know if it could be a virus since I don’t use my PC a lot, I only use it to use zoom. In the apps control, Kaspersky says:

Event: The app can’t use the webcam. App:Google Chrome Name of the app: chrome.exe Rute of the app: C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplication PID of the app: 10988 User: LAPTOP-52QA9T6L (my name) Type of user: Active user Action: Access to the webcam Result: Blocked Level of menace: (nothing appears) Motive: Rights

I don’t understand nothing of this so please if someone can help me I would be thankful.

PD: Sorry if my English is quite bad.

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