Best Small Business Server Support Services

Does your small or medium sized business need Small Business Server Support Services? Landon Technologies is a U.S. based IT company. We provide remote “server support services” to a variety of organizations.

Currently supporting all of the below listed Windows Server operating systems. Regardless of the server hardware make or model.

When searching for Small Business Server Support Services it is important you find someone who has a solid background and knowledge of servers. Servers do require routine maintenance.

They also require someone who knows how to properly back them up in case of a disaster. Knowing how to properly monitor, maintain, plus care and feed for a server takes many years of acquired knowledge and experience.

Cost Effective Small Business Server Support Services

Regardless if you have several servers hosted in a data center, or you are a small business that has one server located at your office, we can help in keeping it running optimally. And with our remote access capability the physical location of your server is irrelevant.

Using our proven remote support tools we can interact with your server just the same as if we were in front of it. Our 24/7 health monitoring allows us to intervene proactively if any pending issues are found. This assists in keeping your downtime minimized and your efficiency at high level.

Let us help with new server setups. Migrations from old servers to new servers. And any current server support issue you are experiencing. Contact Us at (888) 596-3998 Option #1 or fill out our contact form and let us know about your small business server support service needs.

Last but not least, for the absolute best in Small Business Cyber Security Consulting fill out the form on the right hand side of this page.

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