Fixing security findings in your code can be hard. Sometimes you need help from other developers who have solved these problems before. Veracode provides one-on-one time with ex-developers who can coach you through different approaches to address security findings.
But sometimes, you don’t really want advice. Instead, you need a boost to help you get through the day of reducing risk in your software. Enter Veracode’s Click2Cat feature – a quick pick-me-up while you are preparing that report about the security of your software.

In 2017, Willa Riggins recognized a gap in Veracode’s product offering: a lack of lolcats. As a leader of the manual penetration testing team, she took it upon herself to close this gap during a Veracode Hackathon. So Click2Cat chrome extension was born and it makes getting a lolcat from the Veracode UI quick and easy.
Download now to improve your flaw fixing experience today:
Real quotes from real Click2Cat users:
I was struggling with how to fix a particularly nasty SQLi issue. Digging through the code in Veracode’s Triage Flaw viewer I could see the taint source and the actual sink. Before I dug into the fix, I got myself a coffee and a quick lolcat, then I was ready to go! – Jennifurr B.
There is nothing better to start my day of CRUSHING SECURITY DEBT than a lolcat – Katy Purry
I ship customer value all day, so a little Click2Cat gives me the edge in solving tricky security problems that slow me down – Paul McCatney
*note: lolcats can be fickle and sometimes wander away from the Veracode UI. 

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