So I’ve been using windows defender for a while. No problems. I decided to look up if it was safe enough and there were alot of articles telling to use a free antivirus instead and many reddit comments and quora answers telling to stick with defender.

I am at a dilemma. I’ve been researching this for a few hours and decided kaspersky was the one I was gonna use. But then ive read articles on kaspersky and bitdefender getting hacked. Tf should I do?

If I use defender, since most malware makers need to get past defender as the baseline I shouldn’t use it.

But, many people say it’s good enough and by common sense and ublock origin, I should avoid most of the websites I could get malware from. And many antiviruses are getting hacked, getting vulnerabilities, data breaches, etc.

Here is the stuff I’ve read on articles





Avast and AVG(owned by avast):


2017: CCleaner(Avast owned)

And of course the jumpshot data collection:




Then again defender could be hacked too.

Sorry for grammatical errors. For now I’m sticking with defender.

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