i just discovered a program Lock App .EXE in my task manager (CTRL SHIFT ESC). it was in suspended mode. because i cannot recall seeing it before i terminated it and when i searched online (google) i got mixed results.:

one site said it was just some/a windows (10) component. the other said it was a crypto and i had to immediately remove it with their software (which i didnt because i know scams are there) so i read further on another post/site it said it is just only the windows lockscreen in suspension and is completely harmless. i found a lock app exe host .exe in the windows folder (believe in /system32) virustotal says it is 0% threat. after a reboot it is missing from my taskmanager so i guess what the hell happened. i scanned with defender nothing. can anyone explain me what this program is ?? have to mention just before i discovered it i ran a itch.io game from the itch launcher called Kathulu frozen nightmare or something.

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