(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 69
Articles in this issue include:

– Why threat hunting is obsolete without context
– Review: Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework
– Navigating the waters of maritime cybersecurity
– Defending against Windows RDP attacks
– The evolution of the modern CISO
– Understanding the cloud shared responsibility model
– Why is patch management so difficult to master?
– Preventing security issues from destroying the promise of IoT
– Reformulating the cyber skills shortage
– Cybersecurity industry analysis: Another recurring vulnerability we must correct
– For CISOs and artificial intelligence to evolve, trust is a must
– Quantum computing is imminent, and enterprises need crypto agility now
– When the adversarial view of the attack surface is missing, digital transformation becomes riskier

(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 68 https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/insecuremag/issue-68-march-2021/

– Physical cyber threats: What do criminals leave when they break in? 
– Review: Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform
– The transportation sector needs a standards-driven, industry-wide approach to cybersecurity
– Tips for boosting the “Sec” part of DevSecOps
– When it comes to vulnerability triage, ditch CVSS and prioritize exploitability
– Homomorphic encryption: Myths and misconceptions
– How to motivate employees to take cybersecurity seriously
– Enable secure remote workspaces without trashing your entire IT infrastructure
– Protecting productivity within the disappearing perimeter
– Closing the data divide: How to create harmony among data scientists and privacy advocates
– Database encryption: Protecting the crown jewels
– Can we put a stop to cyber harassment?
– Preparing for the CMMC onslaught
– For SOC teams, the analytics and automation hype is real
– Three ways MITRE ATT&CK can improve your organizational security

(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 66 https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/insecuremag/issue-66-june-2020/

– Let us be realistic about our expectations of AI
– Full-time bug hunting: Pros and cons of an emerging career
– Crowdsourced pentesting is not without its issues
– Changing the mindset of the CISO: From enforcer to enabler
– Review: Specops Key Recovery
– Is the future of information security and tech conferences virtual?
– Cybersecurity is a board level issue: 3 CISOs tell why
– The top four Office 365 security pain points
– On my mind: Transitioning to third party cloud services

(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 65 https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/insecuremag/issue-65-february-2020/

– A case for establishing a common weakness enumeration for hardware security
– Things to keep in mind when raising capital for your cybersecurity venture
– Burner phones are an eavesdropping risk for international travelers
– Hardware hacks: The next generation of cybercrime
– California’s IoT cybersecurity bill: What it gets right and wrong
– 7 signs your cybersecurity is doomed to fail in 2020
– How to test employee cyber competence through pentesting
– Smart cities are on the rise: What are the dangers?
– Modern security product certification best practices
– Why outsourcing your DPO is an effective insurance policy
(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 69

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