Hi, so a little bit of background. I was pretty bored and decided to download some ROMs. I’m usually very paranoid but I was pretty tired yesterday and my frustration kept piling up since nothing was working, so, long story short, I clicked on something I shouldn’t have. Stupid and irresponsible, I know. But lethargy and boredom can be a deadly combination sometimes.

Not the first time this has happened to me. I used to play video games regularly a few years ago, and I was pretty bad at them, so as a long time lurker in many sketchy places, I’ve had my fair share of viruses. Haven’t in years though.

I first noticed it running in task manager as a background task. Never saw it before so I looked it up and it turns out it was a virus. Ended the task, went to uninstall a program, and uninstalled the “Walliant.exe” file. I knew this was most likely too good to be true considering it’s apparently only considered a trojan for it’s extreme stealth or whatever.

No new sketchy instances in task manager, so I did a “This PC” search for “Walliant.” Found a few folders I couldn’t delete because those paths no longer existed, so I just factory reset my laptop (I really only watch youtube and read webnovels which are all saved in a library anyway so nothing was lost). I selected the delete all files option, as I had nothing to back up anyway.

It turns out that I had Walliant for quite a few hours, so I went to my phone and changed my passwords. I bought BitDefender, only 20 bucks, did a system scan and quick scan, nothing came up. Also scanned with windows defender, nothing coming up.

I used to be quite knowledgeable about viruses, but that faded with time, and now I know nearly next to nothing. Just wondering if Walliant is one of these oddball super persistent viruses that can persevere even through a reset. I remember actually getting one a few years ago that completely annihilated my old laptop, so yeah, if anyone is knowledgeable about Walliant let me know if I should take some extra steps.

Edit: Scanned with MalwareBytes also, no detections found.

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